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Your day is filled with many human resource tasks. When someone asks "How much vacation time do I have left?" or "When is my next performance evaluation?" the answers are right at your fingertips with Staff Files. When an unexpected incident arises, such as a sexual harassment complaint, drug and alcohol issue, an accident or emergency, the procedures and forms you need are right at your fingertips with HR Document Maker. Spend more time managing employees and less time managing employee information using our HR software solutions.

Inexpensive HR Software for Small Business Personnel Records

Good quality software doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Staff Files® is an inexpensive HR software solution that starts at only $295! It’s very affordable and it’s fast to implement and learn, so it’s perfect for small businesses. 

Small Business Employee Records in Staff Files HR Software
Keep Personnel Records in Inexpensive HR Software
Employee Reports and Staff Reports in Staff Files

User-Friendly HR Software Solutions

Staff Files is very easy to learn and use. It’s designed to look like paper file folders with tabs across the top, so you can simply point and click to find the information you want to see. Even people who are not technologically savvy find our HR software user-friendly. Just give it a try! Download a free demo to see for yourself if you could use Staff Files to manage your small business employee records.

Flexible HR Software Solutions

Want to track driver’s license numbers and expiration dates? Then create a custom field for it. Want your vacation policies to accrue time off starting on the anniversary of the employees’ hire date instead of the beginning of a calendar year? No problem. Staff Files is flexible and lets you keep personnel records in a way that makes sense to you and your company.

Fast HR Software Solutions

Finding and updating employee information is fast in Staff Files. Simply click on the name of the employee to open their personnel record then click on one of the tabs across the top of the screen to find the data you are looking for. There are designated areas organized for:

  • time-off accruals to keep track of vacation and sick time
  • training records
  • benefit enrollment details
  • performance reviews
  • wage rates
  • disciplinary warnings, on-the-job accidents, commendations, and any other incident you would like to track
  • and much more

Need a report? You’ll have it in seconds. Employee reports display information about one specific person and Staff reports display a specific type of information about a group of people. Need help remembering upcoming due dates? Staff Files automatic reminders can help you remember upcoming deadlines.

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