You Started a Business. Now What?

When starting small, and at all levels of your business's growth, remember to protect your best asset, your employees.

Organize Your Personnel Records to Have Only the Required Information

Many businesses gather all the employee information into one main file, making it bulky and cumbersome to keep the information accurate and retrieve data quickly.

3 Ways to Streamline Your Hiring Process through Job Description Templates

Create a job description for all positions. Ask employees to supply information about the job positions they hold. Look into form filling software.

Human Resources and Keeping Accurate Personnel Records

HR software programs for your PC are a great way to get personnel records organized without having to worry about how to do it on your own with paper files.

A Quick Look at the Top Four Reasons to Use HR Software

Enhanced productivity. Decreased errors. Increased compliance. Enhanced metrics. Human resource software combines efficiency and effectiveness into one program.

HR Software Solutions for Personnel Records

Keep track of new information. Cost savings for PC-based HR software (no monthly subscription bills). Improve communication with employees. Keep confidential info safe.

New Hire Checklist: Important Forms and Documents

New Hire Checklist Includes: resume or job application, employment eligibility form, government tax forms, direct deposit forms, performance review information.

Human Resource Management Systems and Organization Tools

Organize confidential information. Update policies or processes. Write job descriptions. You have to not only organize personnel records, but time as well.

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