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For organizations that have variable shifts or run 24/7 businesses, there’s another type of HR software they need – shift scheduling software. For 20 years we’ve designed scheduling software that allows managers to quickly assign shifts and measure the number of employees scheduled, so you can make sure you have proper staff coverage and can reduce overtime costs. Shift scheduling software also helps you reduce the amount of time you spend creating the schedules and gives you flexible ways to communicate the schedules to your employees.

Atlas Business Solutions provides two alternatives for streamlining the process involved in shift scheduling: PC-based Visual Staff Scheduler Pro and web-based ScheduleAnywhere. We also provide a flexible scheduling solution called ScheduleBase.

PC-Based HR Scheduling Software

Visual Staff Scheduler PC-Based HR Scheduling Software

Visual Staff Scheduler Pro

Visual Staff Scheduler Pro (VSS Pro) is PC-based which means you install the software on your workplace computers. Licensing is based on the number of computers the software is installed. For example, a single-user license is installed on one computer and a five-user license is installed on five computers. Your schedule files are placed on your server, so your users can share the files.

VSS Pro costs $495 for a single-user license. Two-user licenses costs $695 and additional licenses cost $100 each thereafter.

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Web-Based HR Scheduling Software

Atlas Business Solutions has created two web-based HR scheduling programs that are sure to meet your scheduling needs.

ScheduleAnywhere Web-Based HR Scheduling Software


ScheduleAnywhere  is web-based which means your managers and your employees can login from any computer that has internet access. Security settings allow your managers to create and edit the schedule and allow your employees to simply view their shift schedule, as well as request time off from work.

ScheduleAnywhere works well for 24/7 organizations that have defined shifts and need to meet specific staffing requirements. It’s popular in healthcare, law enforcement and energy industries.  

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ScheduleBase Web-Based HR Scheduling Software


ScheduleBase is web-based employee scheduling software, too. It’s simple to use and accommodates flexible working hours. Employees can login to see their schedule and add their work availability. They can even check their work schedules on their mobile phones with the iPhone and Android Apps.

ScheduleBase works well for businesses with varying work schedules and is often used by retail stores, restaurants, salons and spas, hotels, and sports facilities.

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