Staff Files PC-based HR software stores personnel records

Staff Files® is an easy and affordable HR software used to store personnel records. You'll be able to keep track of:

  • vacation and sick time accruals
  • employee benefits
  • training and certification/license records
  • performance reviews
  • disciplinary warnings and on-the-job accidents

Staff Files will allow you to keep all of your personnel information in one place, streamline processes, and prepare employee and staff reports faster than before.

Keep Employee Information in One Place

Keep Employee Information in One Place

Employees' contact information including name, address, phone numbers, employee number, birth date, hire date, position, department, manager and so much more are all included in one easy-to-use screen in Staff Files. 

Track Vacation and Sick Time Accruals

Track Vacation and Sick Time Accruals

Our HR software has the flexibility to let you create your own custom accrual policy based on your company's time-off procedures. Enroll your employees into the accrual policy and Staff Files will calculate the appropriate time off for you. Even when you mark employees' vacation and sick time it will automatically update the balance, so you know how much time off they have left.

Employee Benefits in HR Software

Store Employee Benefit Enrollments Information

Enter your employee benefit enrollment information into Staff Files to keep track of which benefits each employee is using. You'll also be able to see a list of the employees participating in each benefit.

Training Tab in HR Software

Record Training, Certifications, and Licenses

Make sure you're employees have the training requirements, as well as up-to-date certifications and licenses they need to do their job. Don't worry about letting them lapse! Staff Files reminders will alert you prior to the  license and certification's expiration dates and before training start dates. 

Performance Reviews in HR Software

Write Performance Reviews in HR Software

Define your own categories and type employees' performance reviews right in Staff Files. It will calculate the total and average scores for the performance review. You'll be able to see a log of all of an employee's performance reviews in one place.

Incident Tab in HR Software

Keep a Log of Disciplinary Warnings and On-the-job Accidents

In the Incidents tab, keep a log of disciplinary warnings, on-the-job accidents, or any other type of incident you want to track. It's an easy way to keep complete records with all the information that's important to you and your company.

Security Options in Staff Files HR Software

Manage Security For Multiple Users

Our HR software is PC-based; not web-based. Multi-user licenses allow other managers access to personnel records. The employee information is stored in an underlying Microsoft® Access database and that database file is saved on your company’s server. Each computer that is licensed will have Staff Files installed on it and will pull your employee information from that shared HR database that’s saved on your server. The security options in Staff Files allow you to limit managers’ access to read-only, for particular information, and/or for the employees in their department.

Download a free demo to access a 15-user trial edition of the software. Staff Files starts at only $295 for a single-user license. Additional licenses cost $100 each thereafter. Order Staff Files today!

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