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Why Creating Employee Handbooks with HR Software Makes Sense

January 09, 2013 at 11:09 AM

Employee handbooks can be very beneficial for a company of any size. Having all your company policies clearly outlined in a written format that is placed in the hands of every employee, can save a lot of time answering the same questions over and over again. Having your company policies documented in a written manual can also help you in the unfortunate occasion that you should face litigation related to one of your employees.

An employee handbook can provide answers for questions about sick leave or bereavement leave. It can outline your policies regarding absences, use of company equipment and holidays. An employee handbook will usually also include sexual harassment policies and termination policies.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons that many companies have not implemented the use of employee handbooks is the daunting task of assembling the information.

That's why using HR software to create your employee handbook makes so much sense. The process is greatly simplified for you.

You start with a general template that already includes pre-written text for many of the most common company policies and then the software walks you through the process of customizing the template with information specific to your company – everything from adding a logo to adding the amount of hours or days your employees receive for vacation time each year. You don't have to worry about properly wording your paid and unpaid time-off policies. You don't have to guess what should be included in a sexual harassment policy or start writing it from scratch; it is outlined for you. The work is minimized for you when you start the process with a library of existing templates.

With an employee handbook template from your HR software, the initial process is greatly simplified and makes updates and changes easy to do as well. When changes or updates are needed, simply open up your master employee handbook file, make the changes and then distribute to all your employees.

Creating an employee handbook for your company can save you time answering employees’ questions and help your company against possible employee litigation, too.

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