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What Should Be Kept in A Personnel File?

September 06, 2013 at 12:24 PM

Keeping personnel files neatly organized and up-to-date is vital in every business. Employee information should be kept for each staff member. The necessity for creating individual employee files is to make operations of the company more productive and to have information on the employee neatly organized for when you need it. There are also certain employee records that are required by both the federal and state governments. Because personnel files are subject to audit it is essential that they be kept neat and orderly.

What Should Be Kept in a Personnel File

  • The application and resume of the employee
  • Employment agreements, offer letters and signed agreements or contracts
  • The job description for the position the employee was hired to do
  • Performance evaluations
  • Disciplinary notices
  • Changes of employment status
  • Employee certifications, training and education documents
  • Employee awards and letters of recognition
  • Contact information and emergency contact information
  • A record of attendance
  • Any insurance-related forms that the employee has filled out such as benefit enrollment forms
  • Payroll information may also be kept in the employee’s personnel file, such as wage rate, social security number, W-4 and W-2 forms
  • Letter of resignation and other termination documentation
  • Exit interview information

Information such as medical information and the employee’s I-9 Form should be kept separately and only accessible to management or those that require access to the information.  

Employee information must be retained during the duration of the employee’s employment with the organization. By law once the employee has quit you may get rid of employment records after a specific period of time. Check your state’s Department of Labor regulations to learn about the types of data you should keep and how long to keep it. 

HR Software for Storing Employee Information

HR software is chosen by many organizations because it’s an effective solution in comparison to yesteryear’s method of paper forms and documents kept in physical personnel files. In the past, all records were stored in paper form in a back office or storage facility. Today HR software conveniently stores all critical information, which is a great backup for those who still want to have paper records as well. 

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