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What is HRIS Software?

November 27, 2012 at 11:35 AM

Using initials to abbreviate has become very common, even more so since texting came on the scene. Unfortunately, it can sometimes leave us guessing as to what those letters stand for. Does LOL mean 'laughing out loud' or 'lots of love'? The initials HR are being used frequently to refer to 'Human Resources', which generally relates to anything in the workplace that deals with your employees and staff.

In larger corporations, there generally is a Human Resource Manager or an HR department. Their purpose is to oversee the many items related to personnel: recordkeeping, the hiring process, scheduling to assign shifts, performance reviews, benefit packages, worker compensation issues, staff training, employment policies, layoffs and terminations, and employee morale. The HR department is the link between management and employees.

In a small business, the Human Resource Manager is often times the business owner themselves or another individual who has other responsibilities in addition to their HR duties. In spite of dealing with a smaller workforce, the HR duties in a small business can still require a significant amount of time. The company still has to deal with all the issues listed above, even though it is on a different scale. That's where HRIS software can be very helpful.

HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System. The biggest job of a human resource manager is tracking all the information related to each individual employee. In addition to the basic needs of the employer in regard to that information, there are details that government agencies require employers to record and report on. The government also has regulations about who can have access to certain types of information regarding an employee. HRIS software is to handle all this personnel data in an efficient, organized and secure manner.

HRIS software provides one spot for all of your employee information to be entered and accessed. That is why it is called an HR 'Information System.' Everything related to your employees is integrated together.

The HRIS software, in essence, becomes your HR assistant, reminding you when employees become eligible for benefits, providing you with easy access to hire and termination dates, wage rate history, emergency contact information, and work-related injury details. Instead of having to sort through paper human resource files, the employee information can be easily accessed on your computer. Performing a search for personnel information in an HR database on your computer is much simpler and quicker than searching through papers in a file.

So, what is HRIS software? It is the small business's answer to the big corporation's human resource department. It provides effective and efficient management of all your personnel information, without having to hire an HR professional to do it for you.

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