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What a Job Description Should Do

March 25, 2014 at 9:24 AM

You're looking for a great employee, but perhaps you are a little stumped on how to put together a job description that will attract that right person. Part of understanding how to put together a truly effective job description is to know exactly what it should do.

Obvious, and Yet Not

At first look, you may be thinking that what a job description should do is attract an employee. You would be correct, but it does much more than that. After all, if you were just looking for an employee, you could hang a sign out saying "Help Wanted" and give the job to the first person who walked in the door. But that's not necessarily the employee you want. You want the right employee. That employee is someone who is capable and wants to do the job.

The Basics

Besides attracting the best candidates for your small business, the job description needs to specify the overall work the candidate should expect. For example, if you're a dentist and you're looking for a dental hygienist, you should state that the hygienist will work closely with the dentist and patients to clean teeth.

You will need to state the job's expectations. You also need to explain what opportunities there are for career advancement, training, and evaluation. Lastly, you need to tell the candidate what the expected salary range is and what criteria is used to determine the actual hiring rage you’ll be offering the new hire. For example, usually DOE specifies "Depends on Experience."

Describe the Job in Detail

It's important to describe the job in detail when developing your job descriptions. You need to talk about the tasks involved and how you expect those tasks to be performed. Does the prospective employee need to know how to use the computer to perform his or her job? What kind of software knowledge does this person need? Are there qualifications the person simply must have?

Does the candidate need to be certified or do they need a college degree to perform the task? How many years of experience does he or she need to perform at the level you expect?

Will the employee be expected to travel, operate special equipment, or lift heavy materials? Will they be part of a team or managing other employees?

How to Lay out Your Job Descriptions

One of the best ways to layout your job description to ensure that you cover everything is to use a good template. You can find these templates in HR software solutions, such as HR Document Maker, or in a program that also keeps personnel records, such as Staff Files Pro. You can simply fill in the blanks and get an excellent, professional result.

Regardless of how you design your job descriptions, simply remember that the more professional and the more complete you can make them, the more likely you will attract the right employee.

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