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Small Business Owners Taking Care of Business

August 09, 2013 at 9:26 AM

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For many entrepreneurs and small business owners, the human resources function sometimes seems to be an area that absorbs time better spent elsewhere. The reality is, of course, quite different. The people who make up your team often represent one of your largest expenses and their level of productivity is a critical factor in your company’s overall success. Wise and successful business owners understand that rather than being a hassle, employees warrant a major investment of management time and attention.

Aside from the importance of your team members to your success, there are a number of laws, regulations and rules that make it essential to deal with human resource issues in a disciplined and thorough manner. Everything from hiring to training and compensation has particulars that require compliance and the keeping of detailed and accurate records. Setting work schedules, tracking accrued time and benefits and managing each employee’s personal information all take time and require accuracy in the details. These are all parts of the HR function and will consume a great deal of time without the right tools.

Making it Easy

Fortunately, practical HR software for small business is available, making the entire process manageable. When you rely on a manual system, simple questions such as what sick leave has accrued or when personnel evaluations are scheduled can leave you with no easy answers. However, automating HR with easy-to-use and affordable HR software will leave you prepared for any personnel questions.

All HR functions in a business start with a comprehensive office manual and employee handbook. Those documents set expectations and spell out much of the information that must be tracked and dealt with. User-friendly HR software that is flexible and well-designed brings many benefits in addition to mere recording of basic information.

Taking time to understand the many dimensions of the HR function helps you to understand all that it encompasses. Personnel files and human resource files start with basic information set up at the time of hiring. Keeping them current involves a number of additional steps and pieces of information. Some of the items include:

  • Training and certification records
  • Performance reviews, scheduling and recording
  • Wage rate information
  • Details of enrollment in various benefit programs
  • Accruals of time-off for vacation, sick time, personal time, etc.
  • Work safety and accident history
  • Disciplinary warnings and other actions
  • Special recognitions and commendations
  • Many additional items specific to various businesses and work categories

Aside from collecting and recording information, these systems allow you to generate reports by employee, work group or the company as a whole. This capability alone can save hundreds of hours in meeting compliance requirements or handling, for example, a worker’s compensation claim and investigation.

Maintaining and managing employee personal records and information is made much more efficient with the right HR software for small business.

With several different HR software solutions to choose from, you're sure to find the one that's best suited for your company. Start by trying a free demo/trial of Staff Files, our popular PC-based human resources software.


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