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Review Different Types and Purposes of HR Software Solutions

July 09, 2013 at 11:53 AM

HR software solutions are becoming popular with many companies. If companies are using older software many may be preparing to purchase new software in order to get a better return on their software investment. Accuracy and dependability are important in the business world.  This applies to human resource records, too.  Here’s a quick review of a couple of HR software solutions that may be helpful for your small business.

Company Policies in an Employee Handbook

There are many different types of HR software available. Some solutions are designed to track paid time off, applicant tracking and performance reviews. All of these transactions are important to the growth of a business. There are many facets to business. Laws govern the rights of both employer and employed. Most companies have procedures devised for giving vacation time, leave time, sick days and tracking disciplinary actions. The information regarding processes and procedures is best distributed in company policies. Company policies can be created and compiled in employee handbook software. 

Employee Handbook Software

Employee handbook software helps prepare company policies, so they can be communicated to every employee in a consistent fashion.  Once an employee handbook is ready, it can be printed for each employee, taught from in employee meetings, attached to company e-newsletters, or posted to an on-site company intranet.

This type of HR software is tremendously helpful to human resource managers when they are writing company policies and creating an employee handbook for the first time.  It gives them a good start with the text, plus offers a chance for collaboration and specification for their company.

Personnel Software

When employees are transferred from one department to another or salaries are raised, the wage rates can be updated within software quite easily. Updating and organizing training records, performance reviews and disciplinary warnings can be overwhelming and time consuming. The difficulty in tracking paid time off is getting harder with companies growing larger. Reporting figures if done by hand can prove inaccurate and costly. HR reports can be printed easily at a moment’s notice.

Older ways of documenting employee records created a problem with misinformation or late and confusing data. This type of HR software keeps up with the fast paced movement of today’s business information. Human resource management systems offer instant access to the personnel records for any employee to any department supervisor or HR manager that has the personnel software installed on their computer.

HR Scheduling Software

There’s even specific software available that’s used to create working schedules. Employees can find their schedules by simply logging in to a website. In addition, managers will be able to pull reports to see how many people are on the work floor and who is there. They will also be able to manage time-off requests in HR scheduling software.

Overloaded schedules create waste of manpower and money due to unnecessary overtime costs. However, too few employees working can create just as much damage.  HR scheduling solutions prevent this problem by allowing schedulers to see what they have to work with on every shift.

Valuable HR Solutions Tools

There are many valuable ways HR solutions can be used. These tools are very innovative and customizations can be made, so the software is perfectly suitable for your particular business. Using company policy templates in employee handbook software will save time. Managing personnel records will be more efficient and organized. And, it will be easier to assign shifts when you create working schedules for your employees. When only one or two people operate a small business, necessary paperwork can be easily lost and these tasks can become a cumbersome chore. HR solutions are a practical and efficient way to keep a small business in order.

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