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Human Resource Trends 2013

March 25, 2013 at 2:49 PM

We sell PC-based human resources software that makes HR information easy-to-use and organize by human resources staff. In 2013 we think they’ll be even more human resources departments that will use HR software to streamline paperwork. Software that keeps all the data in one place like wages, benefits, training and other documents will become more common. It will be easier to find necessary information on employee records and the many aspects of human resources management. Using HR software to manage electronic employee records will also give them more time to work directly with staff.

Human resource departments will look for ways to motivate employees through social media similar to Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Many companies will have intranets where employees can share information and good news about the company's goals and policies. Trying to get all employees to be interested in the company's goals and mission will be a challenge of the human resource departments in 2013. More management teams will try to find the right set of tools to support employees. Human resource departments will try to find ways to bring different employee groups together to work on projects.

Overall human resource managers will take on more responsibility to hire and manage talent with the load of paperwork reduced by software programs. They will find more time to develop leadership training and find ways to develop seminars that give employees new skills. Human resource managers will be able to easily find employees that meet the job requirements of different positions.

Recruitment and training of the best employees for high tech and specialized jobs will continue to be a challenge. Many workers will be looking for nontraditional benefits like flex time and telecommuting so they can spend more time with families. The difference of working styles between workers of different generations will be a challenge for human resource departments to address. More older workers will retire later due to the changing financial picture of retirement.

More companies are hiring temporary and contract workers to fill needed gaps. Human resources department will need software to track contracts, terminations dates, and renewals more efficiently. They will have to find new way to motivate temporary employees to perform and finish assignments when hired. Also finding a way to attract the best temporary work pool will be another challenge.

More recruiting will be done through online applications and resumes. This streamlines the process of selecting candidates for interview because they’ll be able to search for specific keywords and phrases that are pertinent to the job requirements. Many companies will give pre-employment skills and assessment tests for higher level jobs. This will be a way to screen out applicants that are not qualified for positions.

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