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Human Resource Management Systems and Organization Tools

May 28, 2013 at 2:15 PM

HR professionals are ethical, fair and represent the company's values to employees, as well as the community. You are the liaison between management, employees and public and are trusted with personnel records in addition to corporate guidelines. Changes in policies, employee compensation and any other information requiring dispersion to the workforce come through you. How do you organize your workspace and work time?

Organize confidential information

Businesses of any size need a secure place for confidential information held in personnel records. Implementing HR software with a file manager alleviates the burden of searching through hard copies. Referencing any employee by entering a name is quick.

Update policies or processes

A good practice for HR personnel is keeping binders for process instructions and others for company policy and employee rules. Keep the binders placed in each department up-to-date for ease of access by employees and managers. The information may also be created and stored in the HR software program you are using.

Write job descriptions

Having existing job descriptions on hand streamlines the task of writing new job descriptions. Writing a job description for a position newly created is easier when you are able to cross-reference job duties already mandated for one position and the education needed from another.

Organization is critical for HR departments. You have to not only organize personnel records, but time as well. Employees expect you to sympathize with their problems, and management needs your expertise to ready them to supply the necessary information when they are deciding whom to promote. A personalized system of organization will leave you with time for the unexpected. As human resource personnel, you know much of your time at work is spent taking care of the unexpected.

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