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How Small Business HR Software Saves Time

November 19, 2012 at 11:27 AM

One of the most important commodities for any small business owner or manager is time. There never seems to be enough time in a day to accomplish all the tasks that need to be done. Because of this, those individuals are always looking for ways to make more efficient use of their time.

Many small business owners have found that one way they can do this is by purchasing a human resource management system that is particularly geared towards a small business that may not have dedicated human resource staff available. Small business HR software provides many time saving features.

  • Group Data Entry. When you've just had a training session for 20 employees, recording that training date for each individual is important, but could be time consuming. With human resource management system, you can identify the group and enter the date and pertinent information once for the entire group of employees.
  • Filtering and Search. Need to look at information for a specific group of employees? With HR software, you can define a filter by hire date, job title, department, position, or any other criteria. Those employee files will be pulled together in just a few seconds. Need to find an employee by their first name instead of their last name? Sometimes it’s not an easy task when dealing with paper files, but it’s no problem at all when the information is contained in your HR software. It’s simple to sort the employee list by first name, last name, location, manager, or any other criteria, so you can find the employee information quickly.
  • Auto accrual of vacation and sick hours. If a company uses a spreadsheet for calculating accrued PTO it requires updating every payroll period. A human resource management system can do this automatically based on your business’ unique time-off policy. All you will have to do is enter time off taken when an employee is away from work.
  • No double entry. Why enter employee information more than once? Purchasing small business HR software will eliminate all the spreadsheets and paper files that you had been trying to keep up-to-date. Eliminate the double entry by typing it in their record once.
  • Quick reports. Whether it is a list of birth dates, hire dates, wage rates, or vacation hours, the ability to simply set the criteria and print the report can be a major time saver for any small business.

Seconds add up to minutes and minutes add up to hours. If you are a small business owner, you know just how valuable those seconds and minutes can be. Save time using a simple and affordable human resource management system.

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