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Current Employer Challenges – And How HR Software Can Help

September 27, 2012 at 8:17 AM

Today’s employment environment looks very different than it did 20 years ago. This is still a great time to be a small business owner; but you can’t afford to think small when it comes to your workforce management strategy. Fortunately, there are affordable HR software solutions that can help you meet even the biggest challenges. Here are two areas to pay special attention to right now.

Legal Compliance

This is the area of greatest financial risk for most businesses. Auditors are diligently looking for even the smallest infractions. ICE inspections are at record levels and the DHS is focusing on I9 audits as a primary enforcement tool.

Stressed and financially desperate employees and job candidates are suing businesses with discrimination claims of questionable merit – creating a nightmare of legal bills for unprepared employers. Litigation and audits can financially destroy even a healthy business. HR software that allows you to keep track of personnel records electronically is essential for keeping all your files in order.

Cost Reduction

The best way to reduce HR expenses and improve your company’s profitability is through managing human resources wisely. Attracting, onboarding, retaining, and developing the best employees is a complex endeavor. Redundancy and inefficiency of HR processes (and products) can drive up spending in HR administration and workforce management. It makes sense to choose a comprehensive HR software package that streamlines the way you manage elements such as employee leave, performance reviews, and Human Resources communiqués. Implementing a single, well-designed program is more efficient than using a smattering of different tools that aren’t really targeted for small business HR.

Human Capital Management

Even businesses that are thriving and poised for growth need a competitive workforce advantage to reach the next level. Having software that features effective reporting functions is especially critical from an HCM perspective. This type of tool can let you look at information such as turnover for each position and department. That’s vital data for creating a retention and succession planning strategy. It also lets you try new approaches to employee engagement to see what types of benefits, interventions, rewards, and recognition make the most difference in performance and retention over time.

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