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Benefits of Computerized Human Relations Functions

September 23, 2013 at 12:34 PM

One thing human resource professionals really enjoy about their work is the opportunity of dealing with many people. Many people work on a variety of issues and problems that keep their job fresh, interesting, and exciting.

Human resource professionals are often frustrated by dealing with the never-ending paper work that is redundant with different retention requirements. Not only is creating and storing employee files a tedious task, document creation for human resources is dry and uninspiring.

While no one can make sending a routine reference check letter an invigorating assignment, companies like Atlas Business Systems of Fargo, North Dakota can cut the pain of redundancy and make sure that record keeping meets all regulatory requirements.

Achieve High Employee Record Security

The human resources or human relations (HR) software solution that Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. offers is not for distribution across the enterprise. It is for use on a personal computer. Vulnerability to information maliciously tampered with, or destroyed, lessens when only a few people can get access to the HR program.

Staff Files and Compliance

HR professionals are usually tidy people (or try to be), though the piles of files in their offices may lead you to believe otherwise. Typically, these files are strewn about as the folks from the Fair Labor Standards Act are coming in to do a routine audit, as is your pension plan administrator or some other regulatory or watchdog body. When you store your files on paper, checking them for completeness, pulling them for inspection, and correcting them if needed is a mind bending multitasking experience.

Electronic storing of files makes it easy for HR staff to write, review, amend, and view employee records on computer monitors. It is easy to print out material that goes with auditors or inspectors. HR offices are neater and more professional looking and more efficient when all HR related information is available with a computer command.

HR software systems make responding to routine inquires a snap. For example, if an employee is seeking a mortgage, it’s likely that the HR department must verify employment and salary. Instead of the HR manager having to pull a physical file to look up the information, they can simply pull up the employee’s record on screen to answer the verification questions.

Meeting Realistic Needs

Human resources software solutions are as important to small- and medium-size businesses as they are to the largest companies. Needs that must be met regardless of company size include security, record keeping compliance, time-off accruals, publishing and maintaining HR documents and much more are common ground no matter what the size of the company.

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