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7 Things to Consider When Choosing Software to Keep Track of Personnel Files

December 18, 2013 at 3:42 PM

Implementing the right HR software can save you time and money. It helps you keep better track of personnel files. Furthermore, using it can reduce your overall human resource budget.

However, you have 7 things to consider before using HR software:

  1. Does it let you set automatic reminders? This will help you not forget important deadlines and employee review dates. You also can remember all your employee benefit eligibility, certification and license expiration dates, I-9 renewals, birthdays and anniversaries of hire dates. The right reminder system works well for to-do lists, too.
  2. Could it make employee scheduling easier? For instance, you could obtain HR scheduling software that allows you to click on a day and time, assign a shift and save. Come time to view the work schedule, you can very easily see who works and when. You also know exactly what position they will fill for that day, which especially helps if people take on alternate company roles.
  3. Will it help you quickly retrieve all employee records? This especially benefits your human resources department when you have to call upon someone qualified for new projects. It also helps you prepare objectives for all team members no matter what title they have now.
  4. Can it assist you with organizing and storing personnel files? If so, it will dramatically reduce desk clutter. As a result, you can delegate tasks easier and can accomplish more projects in shorter periods. Spend more time working with your employees instead of working on their personnel files.
  5. Does it help you generate employee handbooks and job descriptions? Using the right template can help you generate HR forms very efficiently. Likewise, composing job descriptions for manuals and hiring agencies becomes easier using the right computer-based program.
  6. Can you customize the software to meet your needs? For instance, maybe you need custom fields for remembering driver’s licenses or serial numbers on equipment given out to employees. You also could benefit from using a program that allows you to make as many changes to the forms as necessary. This helps personalize your operation to maximize productivity.
  7. Does it actually make your life easier? Using it should reduce the time and stress associated with keeping employee records. Furthermore, the right system will help human resource management accomplish all tasks quicker. It should also handle the number of employees you want to enter into the system.

Of course, you have to do your shopping before selecting a human resource management office suite. Smaller companies could manage just fine with a simpler automated system, while larger companies may need a more complex program.

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