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3 Ways to Streamline Your Hiring Process through Job Description Templates

April 23, 2014 at 7:48 AM

You have plenty of skilled positions in your company to fill, but finding qualified applicants takes a great deal of time, effort, and attention from your human resources department and other managers involved in the hiring process. HR software solutions take some of the tedium from this process, especially once you have applications coming in and you want to pre-sort them. Job description templates and tools help you streamline this first part of the process in a few ways.

  1. Create a standard job description format for all of your positions. You don't enter specifics about a job at this part in the process. Instead, this document functions as your description framework. It's created to be used as the starting point for any position you end up needing in your company. Some sections to include are job duties, salary range, preferred and required qualifications, and information about the hiring company.
  2. Ask employees to supply information about the job positions that they hold so you have a comprehensive list of job duties for your existing positions. This is particularly useful if you are a technology company or a business with a large IT department. If HR comes up with the job duties entirely, they may not have the technical know-how to actually get across what a particular position entails. When you get a solid idea of the day to day job duties from the people who directly work the position, you give a realistic idea of what the job entails for the candidates. This helps cut down on mismatched applicants who assume the position has entirely different duties than what's actually asked for. These job duty descriptions can be used each time you have an opening for that particular position.
  3. Look into form filling software to speed up posting your job listings on various job search sites. When you preload your job description template into the form filling software, it speeds up the entire process by avoiding manual copy and pasting. It's not a perfect solution, as some websites have oddly named fields that might not match exactly with the information you put into the form filler, but it should serve you well in a majority of cases.

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